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Getting to Know Your Library

Posted: May 01, 2024

Have you ever visited the Monongahela Area Library?

Let us show you around!

  • When you first enter the library doors, you'll notice we have a couple of bookshelves offering anything free we might have to offer at the time. We have a community pantry with food and household goods and also a bookshelf with books and magazines for the taking.
  • You'll then walk by our display cases to the right in the lobby. There you'll find book displays and program displays for anything we're highlighting for the month.
  • Straight ahead, we usually have something special on display at the end of our lobby, such as a Puzzle Building Contest or a giant balloon rainbow for Summer Reading photo opportunities.
  • Coming around the lobby corner, our front desk will be straight ahead. That's where you can drop off your book/material returns and check out new books, audiobooks, DVDs, and more.
  • Our shelves with new books and audiobooks are to the right. This is a popular spot for checking out our selection of popular authors and the latest from the publishing world.
  • Walking beyond those shelves, you'll find the Young Adult Section, which includes a teen resource center and spots for lounging, reading, or studying.
  • Further down toward the front windows, are bookshelves filled with puzzles and games to play. We host a Family Board Game Night at 5 p.m. on Mondays and Adult Puzzle Club on Thursdays at 4 p.m., but these items are here for anyone at any time.
  • In those same book stacks are our Fiction and Non-fiction collections.
  • This section also contains a couple of computers for individual study. The rest of our computer lab is located at the other end of the library. It is open for public use and has internet access.
  • The stacks to the left of the computer lab house our Large Print books, newspapers, and periodicals, and against the wall, our audiobooks. To the right of the computer lab are our Biographies and history books.
  • Across from the computer lab, you'll find our children's section, which has a large selection of books for all reading levels. You can't miss our giant green gazebo at the center of the room. We also have educational and entertaining toys for the kids.
  • Going toward the back of the library, on your right, are our DVDs and puzzles, which you can check out. We also have some books and puzzles for sale here.
  • To the left of the hallway is our activity room, where we hold programs such as arts and crafts, games, and summer reading. The public can also reserve it for personal use.
  • Our genealogy room is right across the hall. We have newspapers on reels, yearbooks, and Bebout & Yohe funeral records you may look at with the assistance of a library worker.
  • Finally, our bathrooms are in the back hallway, along with more bookshelves with books for sale.

Now that you know what to expect, stop by for a visit and explore!