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Patron Behaviour Policy

The Monongahela Area Library is committed to being a welcoming place for all.

We Love the Library

To achieve that, all patrons must always remember to extend courtesy to their fellow visitors and library staff.

That behavior includes:

  • using lowered speaking voices
  • talking to others in a civil manner
  • not engaging in arguments
  • watching your children
  • no running or rough housing
  • no leaving toys or other items on the floor someone could trip over
  • no talking on your mobile device indoors
  • viewing appropriate content on all computers
  • no sleeping
  • no smoking or vaping indoors
  • cleaning up after yourself, including in the bathroom
  • wearing a top, bottom, and shoes at all times.

If these requests are violated:

  • A patron will receive a polite request from the staff to comply. 
  • If that request is unmet, a patron will be asked to leave the library property for the day. 
  • If a reoccurring pattern of behavior occurs with a patron(s), the library director reserves the right to ban the patron(s) from the library for a set amount of time, including indefinitely. 
  • Patrons may present their case to the library board with the director and any witnesses to the incident in attendance.

Thank you for your efforts to comply with the above.