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Our History

A Brief History

Although the name and location of the library in Monongahela changed several times during the last century, the Monongahela Area Library is a direct descendant of the boom in library building at the end of the 19th century.


City residents request the Braddock Carnegie Library create a deposit collection. The collection was housed in E. J. Kelly Bookstore on Main Street.


Carnegie Free Library of Monongahela opened.


Monongahela Public Library becomes the name when the library moves into City Hall.

Mrs Byers
Mrs. Byers
Mr Byers
Mr. Byers


Byers Memorial Library the name selected when the facility moves to 900 Main Street. The name reflected the bequest of the home of Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Byers to serve as the library.


Monongahela Area Library was built after a fundraising campaign of more than a decade. The library serves the residents of the Ringgold School District communities.

Monongahela Area Library Moving Day